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Emoji Favicons

The emoji graphics are from the open source project Twemoji. The graphics are copyright 2020 Twitter, Inc and other contributors. The graphics are licensed under CC-BY 4.0. You should review the license before usage in your project.
alienaliensmileys & emotion
alien monsteralien monstersmileys & emotion
anger symbolanger symbolsmileys & emotion
angry faceangry facesmileys & emotion
angry face with hornsangry face with hornssmileys & emotion
anguished faceanguished facesmileys & emotion
anxious face with sweatanxious face with sweatsmileys & emotion
astonished faceastonished facesmileys & emotion
beaming face with smiling eyesbeaming face with smiling eyessmileys & emotion
beating heartbeating heartsmileys & emotion
black heartblack heartsmileys & emotion
blue heartblue heartsmileys & emotion
bombbombsmileys & emotion
broken heartbroken heartsmileys & emotion
brown heartbrown heartsmileys & emotion
cat with tears of joycat with tears of joysmileys & emotion
cat with wry smilecat with wry smilesmileys & emotion
clown faceclown facesmileys & emotion
cold facecold facesmileys & emotion
collisioncollisionsmileys & emotion
confounded faceconfounded facesmileys & emotion
confused faceconfused facesmileys & emotion
cowboy hat facecowboy hat facesmileys & emotion
crying catcrying catsmileys & emotion
crying facecrying facesmileys & emotion
dashing awaydashing awaysmileys & emotion
disappointed facedisappointed facesmileys & emotion
disguised facedisguised facesmileys & emotion
dizzydizzysmileys & emotion
dizzy facedizzy facesmileys & emotion
downcast face with sweatdowncast face with sweatsmileys & emotion
drooling facedrooling facesmileys & emotion
exploding headexploding headsmileys & emotion
expressionless faceexpressionless facesmileys & emotion
eye in speech bubbleeye in speech bubblesmileys & emotion
face blowing a kissface blowing a kisssmileys & emotion
face savoring foodface savoring foodsmileys & emotion
face screaming in fearface screaming in fearsmileys & emotion
face vomitingface vomitingsmileys & emotion
face with hand over mouthface with hand over mouthsmileys & emotion
face with head bandageface with head bandagesmileys & emotion
face with medical maskface with medical masksmileys & emotion
face with monocleface with monoclesmileys & emotion
face with open mouthface with open mouthsmileys & emotion
face with raised eyebrowface with raised eyebrowsmileys & emotion
face with rolling eyesface with rolling eyessmileys & emotion
face with steam from noseface with steam from nosesmileys & emotion
face with symbols on mouthface with symbols on mouthsmileys & emotion
face with tears of joyface with tears of joysmileys & emotion
face with thermometerface with thermometersmileys & emotion
face with tongueface with tonguesmileys & emotion
face without mouthface without mouthsmileys & emotion
fearful facefearful facesmileys & emotion
flushed faceflushed facesmileys & emotion
frowning facefrowning facesmileys & emotion
frowning face with open mouthfrowning face with open mouthsmileys & emotion
ghostghostsmileys & emotion
goblingoblinsmileys & emotion
green heartgreen heartsmileys & emotion
grimacing facegrimacing facesmileys & emotion
grinning catgrinning catsmileys & emotion
grinning cat with smiling eyesgrinning cat with smiling eyessmileys & emotion
grinning facegrinning facesmileys & emotion
grinning face with big eyesgrinning face with big eyessmileys & emotion
grinning face with smiling eyesgrinning face with smiling eyessmileys & emotion
grinning face with sweatgrinning face with sweatsmileys & emotion
grinning squinting facegrinning squinting facesmileys & emotion
growing heartgrowing heartsmileys & emotion
hear no evil monkeyhear no evil monkeysmileys & emotion
heart decorationheart decorationsmileys & emotion
heart exclamationheart exclamationsmileys & emotion
heart with arrowheart with arrowsmileys & emotion
heart with ribbonheart with ribbonsmileys & emotion
holeholesmileys & emotion
hot facehot facesmileys & emotion
hugging facehugging facesmileys & emotion
hundred pointshundred pointssmileys & emotion
hushed facehushed facesmileys & emotion
kiss markkiss marksmileys & emotion
kissing catkissing catsmileys & emotion
kissing facekissing facesmileys & emotion
kissing face with closed eyeskissing face with closed eyessmileys & emotion
kissing face with smiling eyeskissing face with smiling eyessmileys & emotion
left speech bubbleleft speech bubblesmileys & emotion
loudly crying faceloudly crying facesmileys & emotion
love letterlove lettersmileys & emotion
lying facelying facesmileys & emotion
money mouth facemoney mouth facesmileys & emotion
nauseated facenauseated facesmileys & emotion
nerd facenerd facesmileys & emotion
neutral faceneutral facesmileys & emotion
ogreogresmileys & emotion
orange heartorange heartsmileys & emotion
partying facepartying facesmileys & emotion
pensive facepensive facesmileys & emotion
persevering facepersevering facesmileys & emotion
pile of poopile of poosmileys & emotion
pleading facepleading facesmileys & emotion
pouting catpouting catsmileys & emotion
pouting facepouting facesmileys & emotion
purple heartpurple heartsmileys & emotion
red heartred heartsmileys & emotion
relieved facerelieved facesmileys & emotion
revolving heartsrevolving heartssmileys & emotion
right anger bubbleright anger bubblesmileys & emotion
robotrobotsmileys & emotion
rolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughingsmileys & emotion
sad but relieved facesad but relieved facesmileys & emotion
see no evil monkeysee no evil monkeysmileys & emotion
shushing faceshushing facesmileys & emotion
skullskullsmileys & emotion
skull and crossbonesskull and crossbonessmileys & emotion
sleeping facesleeping facesmileys & emotion
sleepy facesleepy facesmileys & emotion
slightly frowning faceslightly frowning facesmileys & emotion
slightly smiling faceslightly smiling facesmileys & emotion
smiling cat with heart eyessmiling cat with heart eyessmileys & emotion
smiling facesmiling facesmileys & emotion
smiling face with halosmiling face with halosmileys & emotion
smiling face with heart eyessmiling face with heart eyessmileys & emotion
smiling face with heartssmiling face with heartssmileys & emotion
smiling face with hornssmiling face with hornssmileys & emotion
smiling face with smiling eyessmiling face with smiling eyessmileys & emotion
smiling face with sunglassessmiling face with sunglassessmileys & emotion
smiling face with tearsmiling face with tearsmileys & emotion
smirking facesmirking facesmileys & emotion
sneezing facesneezing facesmileys & emotion
sparkling heartsparkling heartsmileys & emotion
speak no evil monkeyspeak no evil monkeysmileys & emotion
speech balloonspeech balloonsmileys & emotion
squinting face with tonguesquinting face with tonguesmileys & emotion
star struckstar strucksmileys & emotion
sweat dropletssweat dropletssmileys & emotion
thinking facethinking facesmileys & emotion
thought balloonthought balloonsmileys & emotion
tired facetired facesmileys & emotion
two heartstwo heartssmileys & emotion
unamused faceunamused facesmileys & emotion
upside down faceupside down facesmileys & emotion
weary catweary catsmileys & emotion
weary faceweary facesmileys & emotion
white heartwhite heartsmileys & emotion
winking facewinking facesmileys & emotion
winking face with tonguewinking face with tonguesmileys & emotion
woozy facewoozy facesmileys & emotion
worried faceworried facesmileys & emotion
yawning faceyawning facesmileys & emotion
yellow heartyellow heartsmileys & emotion
zany facezany facesmileys & emotion
zipper mouth facezipper mouth facesmileys & emotion
zzzzzzsmileys & emotion