Frustrations with other favicon generators

While working on side projects I frequently ran into the problem of needing to create a favicon. When it came time to generate a favicon for each of those side projects I continuously ran into the same problem. All of the existing favicon generators require that you already have an image or logo that you want to use to generate the favicon with!

But I don't have an image!

For the majority of my side projects I don't create a logo until the very end of development or sometime I don't create a logo at all. This means that to use existing favicon generators I would need to open up photoshop, gimp, or another image editing tool to create an image for the favicon. It's tedious work just for a favicon.

Finding a repeatable process

After manually creating favicons a handful of times I landed on a repeatable process. I would use a simple image editor to place a single character on a simple colored background. I would play around with different fonts, colors, and sizing until satisifed. Then I would convert the image to a favicon using one of the other existing favicon generators.


I decided to streamline and automate much of the process that I continuously repeated and the result of that was the favicon generator here on I removed the manual process of creating a new image, centering text, importing fonts, exporting, and converting to .ico format.


In 2017, I launched an extremely simple version of the favicon generator that I built in a weekend. I got loads of feedback from user on HackerNews and Reddit. Once there was some traction I decided to keep developing it since it was helping so many people. Now in 2018, there are over 500 users a day!